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hurriedness n : overly eager speed (and possible carelessness); "he soon regretted his haste" [syn: haste, hastiness, hurry, precipitation]

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wt hurry Hurry can refer to:
  • Hurry (EP), an EP by Tin Foil Phoenix
  • Hurrying, a child employed in a coal mine to transport coal
  • Hurry, a curling term

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

barrel, beeline, bowl along, breeze, bucket, bullet, bustle, dig in, dust, fleet, flit, fly, go like lightning, haste, hasten, highball, hotfoot, hustle, jog, make tracks, nip, peg, pelt, post, rock, rocket, run, rush, scoot, scour, skeet, skin, smoke, speed, stave, step on it, tatter, trot, whirl, whish, whisk, whiz, zip
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